Why choose IREBUCO

With Iringa RETCO Business College you develop both theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and attitudes to graduates, necessary for self-advancement in Business careers.

At IRINGA RETCO BUSINESS COLLEGE we are dreaming of accelerating the urban and rural development of our nation through bringing the business knowledge close to the people who have always been in demand of it.

In its initial endeavor to provide excellence in various professional business fields IRINGA RETCO BUSINESS COLLEGE has started offering the following programmes:-

  1. A certificate in Business Administration
  2. A Diploma in Business Administration

All of these programmes offered have been designed to meet customer care and entrepreneurship skills needs. It is also in the pipeline to commence offering the following courses:-

  1. A Master degree in Business Administration (MBA) (General)
  2. A Master degree in Business Administration (Finance) (MBA) Finance
  3. A Master degree in Business Leadership
  4. A Master degree in Entrepreneurship Management
  5. A certificate in logistics and Transport
  6. A diploma in logistics and Transport
  7. A certificate in Procurement and Supply
  8. A diploma in Procurement and Supply
  9. A diploma in ICT-Education
  10. A certificate in Information, communication and Technology (ICT)
  11. A certificate in Journalism
  12. A certificate in Law
  13. A certificate in Hotel Management
  14. A diploma in information, communication and Technology (ICT)
  15. A diploma in Journalism
  16. A diploma in Law
  17. A diploma in Hotel Management

General Competence

At the end of the course, learners will have the ability to:-

  • Apply rules, regulations, business ethics, business laws and communication tools to work professionally in business operations
  • Apply basics of mathematics fundamentals, ICT, critical thinking principles, Accounting principles, economics principles, money and banking principles, basic business administration skills in Entrepreneurial management.
  • Apply foundations of business communication, ICT, marketing principals, economics principles and sales principles in Customer Care services


The mission of IRINGA RETCO BUSINESS COLLEGE is to produce competent lower, middle cadre business professionals and entrepreneurs in all areas of business, equipped with a vast array of career opportunities to meet the dynamic markets in the public and private sectors who will be able also to establish small and medium businesses so assisting our government in the creation of more employment opportunities.

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The vision of IRINGA RETCO BUSINESS COLLEGE (IREBUCO) is to become and recognized as an institution that delivers superior quality business education in all fields of business at affordable cost with great emphasis in entrepreneurship and Customer Care

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