Why choose IREBUCO

With Iringa RETCO Business College you develop both theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and attitudes to graduates, necessary for self-advancement in Business careers.

The Governing Board of Iringa Retco Business College (IREBUCO) which is also the Board of Directors includes six members who are shown here below:-

  1. Prof. N. Bangu                              =Chairman

  2. L.H. Mwakabungu                         =Executive Secretary/Director

  3. B. Mtandi                                     =Vice chairman

  4. Prof. R.S. Katapa                          =Director

  5. Dr. B. Chachage                           =Director

  6. Theresia Mahongo                        = Director

The day to day activities of this college are managed and controlled by the chief executive officer who is the Principal of the college who is responsible and report directly to the governing board of the college.


The main shareholder of this college is Kampuni ya Uchukuzi na Biashara Iringa(IRINGA RETCO LTD) owning 90% of the total share capital where as 10% of the share capital is owned by seven business professionals and entrepreneurs who are Tanzanians.


The mission of IRINGA RETCO BUSINESS COLLEGE is to produce competent lower, middle cadre business professionals and entrepreneurs in all areas of business, equipped with a vast array of career opportunities to meet the dynamic markets in the public and private sectors who will be able also to establish small and medium businesses so assisting our government in the creation of more employment opportunities.

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The vision of IRINGA RETCO BUSINESS COLLEGE (IREBUCO) is to become and recognized as an institution that delivers superior quality business education in all fields of business at affordable cost with great emphasis in entrepreneurship and Customer Care

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